Ascendio is adding a Wrock Day!

We know you’ve been waiting to hear about our Wrock plans, and we’ve been quietly and excited plotting behind the scenes. Now we can finally announce that Ascendio will be adding an entire day of programming — and a Wrock Day!

Now Ascendio is officially Thursday - Sunday, with Thursday playing host to a series of Wrock concerts. So far we’ve confirmed that Undesirable #1, The Butterbeer Experience, Gryffindor Common Room Rejects, Carpe Geekdom will be there, and our IP chair Mallory is talking with even more bands!

Even better — Wrock fans who just want Wrock, or are on a budget, can enjoy our Wrock Day for just $50 Day Registration. If you have a Full Registration or Merlin’s Circle, or were waffling on getting either, both registrations will automatically include Thursday Wrock Day, as well as any other Thursday programming we add (currently we are brainstorming some fun, non-Wrock related informal programming for Thursday). Want to know more? Click here! Want to jump right to Registration? Click here!

Reblog is you love Wizard Rock, are coming to Ascendio or just want to spread the word!